Gemstone Gua Shas & Massagers

Gemstone Gua Shas and Massage Tools can be used to massage, stimulate blood flow, improve product absorption and enhance product performance. Innovative designs, shapes and sizes allow these tools to be used for skincare, haircare and body care products.

Materials 100% natural gemstones rose quartz, green jade, white jade, obsidian, tiger’s eye, amethyst, aventurine, opalite, agate, fluorite, blue spot jasper, red jasper

Options Stock shapes or custom-tooled shapes available

Deco Engraved/Painted logo

Gemstone Gua Shas & Massagers

(1) Jade & Rose Quartz Mushroom-shaped Undereye Massager Set, (2) Rose Quartz Body Gua Sha, (3) Opalite Face/Neck Gua Sha, (4) Custom-shaped Gua Sha in Agate, (5) Massaging Comb in Jade.