Hair & Bath Accessories

Cleanse, scrub, exfoliate, massage and relax with this hair and bath accessory collection that can be made from a wide variety of materials and designs that enhance the product application experience.

Materials Silicone, PFP, PU, Gemstone, Wood, Bamboo, Microfiber.

Options Stock or custom tooled designs available. Sustainable material options.

Deco Silk screening, hot stamping, embroidery.

Hair & Bath Accessories

(1) Silicone Bath Brush, (2) PFP Comb, (3) Open Cell PU Sponge, (4)Jade Comb (5) Scalp Massager, (6) Silicone Face Scrubber, (7) Bamboo and Microfiber Bath Mitts, (8) Spa Headband.